About Beacon Hill Pool

More than just a neighborhood pool.

In 1966 a group of Beacon Hill residents wanted a community pool...

In the 1960s, Beaconsfield was a small city and City Hall couldn't necessarily afford to build Beacon Hill a pool. Residents realized that if their community wanted a pool, they would have to go out and build their own. After extensive negotiations with the city, on August 5, 1967 Beacon Hill Pool opened its gates to 280 eager members.

A half century later...

Since that first opening day over fifty years ago, Beacon Hill Pool has been become an integral part of Beaconsfield and fostered a community that has made the Beacon Hill area an extremely desirable place to live and grow as a family.

It's not uncommon to meet moms and dads at Beacon Hill Pool that were once a shy little boy or girl going to their first swim lesson. What came next for most these kids were years immersed in the west island's unique and amazing "pool culture", setting the stage for life-long friendships, a little healthy competition, and more than a few learning experiences along the way.

Beacon Hill Pool has become a summertime tradition for so many families. Make it a part of yours.

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